Download all photos in a Picasa album easily [Software]

Downloading all photos one by one in a Picasa album is a time consuming process. Picasa don't provide any option to download the whole album , but thankfully there is a solution for this.

Picasa Album Downloader can be used to download all photos in any public Picasa album. It works on windows , Linux as well as Mac.
Picasa Album Downloader
Picasa Album Downloader

Just run the software and type in the Picasa user name. Then click select to select the public albums of the user available for download. Select the download path and just click Download.

That's it :) All the photos of any public Picasa album will be downloaded and saved in the path.

Size: 4-5 MB
OS: Windows, Linux , Mac
P.S: Since it work only on public albums , if you want to download all your own private albums as well , just set the permissions to public and download the photos using this tool. After that you can revert the permissions back to private. Seems like an easy way when compared to manually downloading all photos one by one.

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