Use multiple accounts in Whatsapp and other apps simultaneously

Those who have dual sim face this problem often : Switching between 2 different WhatsApp account in the same phone !!.

We used to log out from one number,clear the app data and finally login again using other number. Say goodbye to these hassles by using  Parallel Space app.

Install the app via

Parallel Space - Run multiple instances of Apps in one phone


Apply OpenVPN to only certain websites/IP address

Using  OpenVPN is a sure shot way to ensure your privacy online. By default, OpenVPN will redirect all your traffic via the VPN system.

But what if you want to redirect or apply VPN only to certain websites/IP addresses ?

We can do that easily by modifying the openVPN config file(.ovpn file).

Let us take an example of free openVPN service provided by vpnbook.


Control / Reboot a ADSL modem using command line

Wonder how you can connect to your router from command line? Wonder how you can control your router remotely ? The answer is Telnet.

Most of the ADSL modems support Telnet access.

Telnet is the way we can communicate with the remote server.Here the remote server is nothing but your ADSL router.

To communicate to the router via Telnet make sure you install the Telnet client.

Go to Control panel and click on Turn Windows Features on/off. Here select Telnet client and install the same,


Download all photos in a Picasa album easily [Software]

Downloading all photos one by one in a Picasa album is a time consuming process. Picasa don't provide any option to download the whole album , but thankfully there is a solution for this.

Picasa Album Downloader can be used to download all photos in any public Picasa album. It works on windows , Linux as well as Mac.
Picasa Album Downloader
Picasa Album Downloader


Download all Google Drive/ Google Docs files in one zip file

Now, Google docs is merged with google drive. It has now become easy to synchronize , download and upload files and documents in google docs.

The one particular feature i like in the new Google drive is the ability to download a bunch of files and folders in a zip file.

To do so , just select the files and folders and select More >> Download .
Download from Google Drive
Download from Google Drive


Unsubscribe from unnecessary newsletters easily [Webapp]

Tired of seeing the newsletters, promotional mails etc ??.  These unnecessary mails flooding your inbox ??. Solution is simple unsubscribe from these mailers. Either you can do it individually mail-wise or you can do it in bulk by using a web app

Unsubscribe easily


Extract songs from youtube videos [Webapp]

So you found your favorite song in youtube. You just want the audio of that song. There are many softwares which can be used but if you are using linux or Mac or browsing on mobile and quickly want to convert a youtube video into a song/music of mp3 format, then just use


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